Pet Peeves

We all have them, those little things that drive us batty. Those things that seem logical to us but not always to all others. Does that mean they are wrong? It really does depend on the person.

Below you will find some of my pet peeves, feel free to add some of your own in the comments. I will try to add some on occasion, so check back.

Newspapers on the Driveway

On a rare occasion, and I do mean rare: I will take a long walk/run (more walk, than run 🙂 ) around the neighborhood. I will sometimes, run into this:

Picture by Isabel Natera
Picture by Isabel Natera

Not bad, the paper has probably been on the driveway overnight. So, here is my pet peeve:

Picture by Isabel Natera
Picture by Isabel Natera

This is beyond comprehension to me. This paper has been run over many times and has even started to collect leaves that have been smashed into it by tires. I understand we are tired and sometimes we are running out the door and don’t even realize their is a paper on a driveway, but it literally takes seconds to pick it up. I have been known to grab it and stick it in my car when I am in a pinch. All I know, once it is in this state; no one in their right mind would want to pick it up.

Down the Middle

photo 1

This can make any commute very stressful. As you can see, cars have decided to stop in the middle of the intersection so that when traffic has to turn left, they can’t; because it is blocked. I will tell you something, I have never seen drivers avoid eye contact so aggressively when they are sitting in the middle of it.

Parking Lot

Another favorite situation. People who insist on walking down the middle of a parking lot. Parking lots are made for you to drive down them and find a spot. I am not sure why people insist on walking down the middle of them. If that is what they were intended for, they would be called pedestrian lots.

Shopping Cart fixed

The infamous, let me shop down the middle of the aisle because the grocery store is here for just me. I remember someone shopping down the middle of the aisle and when her son told her that people were behind her, her response was, “So, they have a mouth; if they want me to move they can speak up.” The aisles are made so that two sets of carts can fit through, just like roads. I bet you that woman probably walks down the center of the parking lot and stops in the middle of intersections as well, just saying.

So, here were some of those pet peeves. They don’t infuriate or send me into a rage; they are just little nuisances. In the end, they are forgotten, seconds after they happen.

Life is too short, so take a deep breath, vent a little to yourself, and let it go.

What are some of your pet peeves, come on; you know you want to share.

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1 thought on “Pet Peeves

  1. You’re so nice when you talk about pet peeves. 🙂


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