My Favorite Songs and Why

By Daniel Robert Dinu

We all have them, those songs that keep playing in the back of our minds or those songs that hold a special meaning to us as we grow up. A blogging challenge was assigned to write about three of our favorite songs and I jumped on board.

Enjoy and don’t forget to share yours in the comments.

Baby Got Back
Sir Mix A Lot

That is correct, this mother of two loves “Baby Got Back.” The funny thing is, I have probably only heard the song a handful of times and it is not the actual song I love, but rather the memory I have of an occasion I heard it.

During my wedding, we had a DJ and we told him that we wanted him to take requests for songs throughout the evening. “Baby Got Back” was not on my song list for the evening and I had no idea someone would ask to hear it.

As the reception progressed and the drinks flowed, the evening was coming to an end and the song started to play. Everyone in the reception hall stood up and started to dance. I’m talking children, grandmothers, and people who had no rhythm whatsoever. For those 4 minutes, everyone had a blast. The best part of all of this? That is right, it was caught on VHS (Yep, I’m that old).


First song I ever heard from Coldplay and I was hooked. It’s funny, this song was also my wedding song. I was looking for and listening to so many songs at that time. My Husband is a big fan of Rock n’ Roll, heavy metal, I guess it is safe to say he likes loud music. I always love to listen to love songs and alternative. Yellow was kind of a happy medium for us. Another little thing about the song is I have an olive tone to my skin (a little Simpsonisk), so what better title than “Yellow.”

The Scientist

What can I say, two out of three are Coldplay songs. I absolutely love the lyrics to this song. I find the theme to be so universal. We all have had those moments, the moments that we wish we could take something back or change what was said. The music is haunting and I can’t help but sing along (although Chris Martin’s range kicks my butt everytime ;)).

“The Scientist,”  is not only one of my favorite songs; it is also my favorite video of all time. I can’t even get into explaining it, if you haven’t seen it, I have included a link below.

Acting Out Mama!


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