As an actress, a tool of the trade is a headshot. A headshot is not a glamour shot but rather a photograph that captures an essence of the person that helps people in the business see a possible range or quality they may need in any of their productions.

I have had to update my headshots on a regular basis and always found the experience mystifying. The last photographer I used, took her time getting moments out of me and I realized just how much more than just a photo of me the entire process should be.

In late 2015, I started to study photography and now am building up a database of headshots. I’ve learned so much through the process and enjoy talking and getting to know who I’m photographing. Below are some of my first headshots, I look forward to perfecting my craft and don’t hesitate to contact me,, if you are in the Tampa Bay area and are interested in me helping you with your headshots.

Although I love photographing actors, I also developed a love of all kinds of subjects in photography. I find it to be a wonderful creative outlet for me, especially when auditioning is scarce. To enjoy more of my photography, don’t hesitate to check out my other two websites: Natera Photography and Acting Out Mama!

Headshots $100

  • 2 Hours – Photo Session
  • 4 Edited Photos

Additional Edited Photos – $25 each