The Tampa Repertory Theatre

As an actor, I have a special place in my heart for classic plays. When Tampa Repertory Theatre came to town, I was so excited to see the shows on stage that I studied in detail at AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy) in NYC.

Although I auditioned for many, I was not chosen, but still attended performances that made me giddy. Tampa Rep also presents new plays and those have become some of my favorites as well.

In 2015, I was cast in one of their contemporary shows for TRT2, that was presented at the Silver Meteor Gallery, Bethany.

Photo: Megan Lamasney

Presently, Tampa Rep has postponed their season and are devising new virtual and socially safe programming. I look forward to possibly, collaborating with them in the future.

Please visit their website when you have a chance and donate what you can, they are a wonderful theatre company.

Saying Goodbye

Sunset Girl

This weekend, TRT2‘s production of Bethany closed. It was my first production since the One Acts in early July of last year. I was thrilled to work with some of the areas finest actors and I absolutley loved the performance space, a small blackbox kind of theatre.

The run was only three weeks , Friday – Sunday, not the typical Thursday – Sunday I have done in the past. The rehearsal period was short but very focused. I knew what was wanted and expected and went to work instantly on fleshing out my character.

My favorite part of the process is meeting everyone and working as a cohesive group to tell the story. As a Stay at Home Mome (SAHM), interaction is limited so I take it and roll with it. Watching other actors and the process they go through is fascinating and also helpful as an actor. Friendships are always the icing on the cake and make going to the theatre fun as you see friendly faces onstage.

I said goodbye to Toni, the Social Worker that wants to do the right thing; even while she is overworked and always praying that someone is not harmed on her watch or by the choices she makes. There is always that moment of wishing for more opportunities to play but also the contentment of knowing that you have worked and the time has come to move on.

Into the tool box she goes, and out and about I go for the opportunity to work as an actor again.


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