HMDX Neutron – Rocks!

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HMDX Neutron

In the last couple of months, my children (8 and 10 years old) have become music fanatics.

Their passion for music led to MP3 players and for Easter this year they received the best gift ever: Bluetooth Wireless Suction Speakers by HMDX called Neutron. Below I will explain why we love them so much.

Wireless and AUX line

Fortunately for us, the MP3s we own have Bluetooth so we took less than 2 minutes to pair the device to the speaker. It was super easy and of course, we do not need to pair it every time we use them because the device and speaker find each other.

We still have devices that do not have Bluetooth capability so the AUX line is a wonderful backup. AUX cord is not included, you are going to have to spring for one if you don’t have one hanging around the house.

The best part and I think the major reason the Easter Bunny gave the kiddies these speakers is its capability of working wireless for up to 30 feet. This way, the kids leave their MP3 player in their rooms and just carry the speaker into the bathroom for shower time. Most MP3s are not waterproof so the fact that they remain away from any wet areas means less, “Whoops, I dropped water on my MP3, Mommy.”

Suction Cup Speaker

So much fun and here is why:

This definitely is the toy like feature that the kiddies enjoy.


I admit, this function will not be used much since my children do not have smartphones. Basically, if a call comes in while you are listening to music through the speaker, the music will pause and the Neutron becomes a hands free speaker.

Splash Friendly

Please understand, “splash friendly” does not mean you can take this puppy for a swim. Avoid submerging.

Micro – USB Charging

The speaker includes a cord with a Micro USB on one side and USB on the other for charging with your computer. Wall adapter is not included so you would have to purchase one if you don’t have one around. Because so many devices use Micro USBs, we have plenty of extras at home. This comes in super handy when the children are like, “Mommy I can’t find my cord to charge my speaker,” or, “What cord?”

One charge will give you 4 hours of play time wirelessly or 12 hours with your aux cord.

Where to Buy

You can buy the HMDX Neutron at Bed Bath and Beyond and just recently, I have also found them on Amazon.

Hope you enjoy your speaker as much as we have enjoyed ours.

BTW, I found the sound to be impressive from such a small device.

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