What is Acting out Mama!

At Acting out Mama! I want to provide support and nourish the soul of women and all those wonderful roles we play in life.

I always find it difficult to answer the question, “What do you do?” As a Stay at Home Mom most of the time, some people roll their eyes or just dismiss that answer. My favorite is the, “Oh, that’s nice,” which really means, “How nice that you get to do nothing all day.” There was a period of time where that connotation would truly bother me and I would try to find these crazy odd jobs to do so that I could say I had a job and not say I stay at home. Those days are long gone because in truth, I am not just a Stay At Home Mom, I am that and much more.

Recently I was sitting down and trying to define who I am and it hit me: I am so many different things at one time:

*A Mother – I have two wonderful children that I am helping find their place in this world by taking care of their needs and finding what they want to do when they grow up.

*An Artist – I am an actor that is honing my craft and looking to embody rich characters on stage and screen. I also enjoy drawing and other creative outlets that I share with my children

*A Wife – I am the spouse to a wonderful man who has taken the journey of my life with me. I love that he is still my best friend after all those years.

*A Caregiver – I am at the age where my parent now needs support and care and have started the journey of becoming a caregiver to the person that helped me become who I am today.

* A Friend – Throughout the years I have been blessed with many friends that love all or some of the roles I play in life. They provide a balance in my life when everything is a little hectic or crazy. A real gem is a friend that understands every role and makes no judgment.

etc., etc., etc.

At Acting out Mama! I want to provide information to help you in every aspect of your life. A resource of articles, recipes and the little things that make it easier to get through  your day. It is a tall order and of course, will take a lot of time but don’t ever hesitate to make any suggestions.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t hesitate to bookmark us!

Acting Out Mama!


Author: inatera

Artist: Actress, Photographer and Writer.

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